The Specktaculars

The Specktaculars are now observable!

Created by Daphne Bei and myself for HappyBabies’ winter collection 2015-2016.

Look at them! Aw, they’re cute and funny.

The Specktaculars

The Specktaculars (2)

The Specktaculars, a.k.a. the Specks, are super tiny creatures, invisible to the human eye.

They are practically everywhere, living peacefully among us, hopping on our clothes,

floating in the air, causing no trouble at all.

After long hours of serious “spying” through a microscope, we observed that

no matter their variety in colours and shapes, all of them have two things in common:

funny, fluffy antenna-like ears


the ability to understand the true meaning of every single word of every language

that has ever existed, even slang, gibberish, possibly alien and …ta-da!… baby talk!

If only we could spot and hear the Specktaculars!

They’d explain what our children say and actually mean.


The Specktaculars3.jpg

The Specktaculars4

The Specktaculars5

The Specktaculars6

You may find more of them here:


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