Butterfly Blue[s] – The Music Bouquet

The Music Bouquet is comprised of origami flowers. Each petal contains lyrics of songs that contain the word blue (or blues) in the title. All of them create this moody blue atmosphere when you listen to them… The origami butterfly has musical notes and keys on its wings playing the part of the Music, the inspiration and the passion entwined in each melody.

So fragile, yet so powerful: every tune lasts for a short while, still it can leave a mark in an entire lifetime.

the playlist:
Strange colour blue – Madrugada
Blue Hotel – Chris Isaak
Famous Blue raincoat – Leonard Cohen
Blue on blue – Bobby Vinton
Blue blue ocean – Echo and the bunnymen
Blue rain – Roy Orbison
Silly boy blue – David Bowie
Pale blue eye – Lou Reed
Sky Blue – Peter Gabriel
Am I blue? – Billie Holiday
Zaz turned blue – PJ Harvey
Blue Velvet – Tony Benett
Inner City Blues – Marvin Gaye
Blue Monday – New Order
Blue Light – Prince
Out of the Blue – Foreigner

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